Giant Gorg

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Mind Hack
Source: TV
Layers: 1
No sketches available
Cel Number: 139 A-52
Standard size

No Background

Added 2/4/2020
Updated 3/8/2020
When I saw this I flipped because I remembered what moment in the anime it came from right off the bat! (So happy it was still available on wishlist to get!) This is from that really neat animation sequence in episode 16. Manon hacks Yu's mind, so Yu can understand his alien language. The way this was done was unexpected as it shows Yu stripped away and then reverted into a baby fetus! It was so cool~ This is my second favorite sequence from the series. (The first one being when Gorg opens it self to the decaying pilot. That was such a haunting scene and I really love how drawn out it was.)

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Curator: Dandycorsets
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