Venus Wars

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Source: Movie
Layers: 1
No sketches available
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Added 7/18/2020
This scene is of Hiro at Maggies house hiding in the laundry room. He over hears Maggies dad berate him and his friends to Maggie.

Ugh!! I love this series so much! YAS is such an Art inspiration! I wish I could meet him one day! ;o;

(Was lucky to snag the last Limited edition set from the Bandai JP Store! ;o;
This is amazing blue-ray set! Very happy it came with a Replicate cel of Hiro!!>< I doubt i'd ever come across an original cell of him, so this is enough for me.
Set also includes a mini pamphlet and a mini book with illustrations from the settei, magazines, comics and staff interview etc.
and a signed print.)

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