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Source: TV
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Added 9/16/2020
Updated 9/16/2020
So happy for scoring this! I LOVE them and this episode it is from! <3
Such a rare scene I never thought I would come by!(o-o)
This is Ken and his friend Shinichi. After being bullied, He runs into Ken and is so happy to see him that he gives him a hug.(;v;)
It's a bittersweet episode. I really wish there were more episodes with Shinichi in it before this one...he is only in this one episode for brief time...

I really love the girls teasing Ken over Shinichi being to affectionate and clinging.XD
Shinichi is the cutest thing ever~
Ken just blush./////~

(Douga was stuck to cel but became almost 100% unstuck when it got to me. Sadly the reds just stick so much...it rip the backpack part.)

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