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Fly me to the moon (Vertical Pan)
Source: Unknown
Layers: 1
No sketches available
Standard size

Original Unmatching Background

Added 9/16/2020
My first stand alone background. Absolutely fell in love with this piece! The beautiful blue gradients and delicate fluffy clouds-feels so much like the real thing. I get lost in it and love that it has a moon. It's so gorgeous!!(><) The fine details in the moon is insane! I will try to scan that part when I get a chance. (maybe try to scan the whole thing- it's super long!)
I really want to get a light protection frame one day, so I can frame this and look at it everyday.;;
If you know what series or movie this come from, please let me know! It would be neat if it came from a space series like gundam.XD

(I had a bit of fun and put my Juushin Liger Bromance cel on top of this and whoa, it just fitted so nice and looked so amazingly cute overload!!)


Curator: Dandycorsets
Gallery Created: 11/28/2019
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