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Personal Sites - Sites i'm on

Linktree - Most of the places I lurk at.
Anime-Planet - Anime/Manga List

Cel Sites - My fav Cel Galleries

Nathalies Cels - The most gorgeous collection I have ever seen of Clamp and Escaflowne cels! Her Custom Fancels are amazing! Adore this a Gallery!<3
Graymouser’s Gallery - Really amazing gallery and helpful production info!
Sensei’s Anime Gallery - Huge collection and awesome commentary on each one.
Stem Cels - Love looking at the Miyuki-Chan Storyboards <3
Fran Cels - My brain explodes from all the Slam Dunk Epic
Lunas Art Cels - Chibiusa and Pegasus!! Stunning collection!
Angry Jenny’s Cel Gallery - Awesome douga collection especially of Hiiro no Kakera, Hakuouki and Jyu-Oh-Sei!
Drakonia's Cel Lair - Tons of Prince of Tennis! Gorgeous Fancels!
Mysterious Seas - Very adorable cels from Nadia Anime.<3
In My Dreams - Loveless!!
Millions of Cats - I love everything about this site. Perfect for cat lovers!
AN’s Hoard - All them Escaflowne!!*Q*
Almatyea’s Bishonen Theater - All the Ai no Kusabi, and Earthian goodness! Has all my fav bishi’s moments from Sailor Moon; as well as, a holy grail from Kaze To Ki No Uta.
Saint Seiya and Some More - Gallery collection has very impressive cel scenes! Absolutely jelly for them Legend of Moby Dick pieces! Lovely!!<3
Asylum Anime Cel Gallery - All the Devil Hunter Yohko and Berserk Cels make me so happy.
Chris's Cels - Quickly became one of my fav cel sites to ogle at! Huge collection!
Anime Obsessed - Nice Hikaru no Go, Hakuouki, Jyu-Oh-Sei and Shonen Onmyouji sections to ogle at!
Ryan’s Gallery - Awesome Bernie Wrightson Collection!
Samurai Troopers Cel Gallery - Great collection!
Anime Concertino - Does awesome restoration and fan work! Great collection of Gpx Cyber Formula’s main hero.
Marry's Cels - All the Parn~
Guardians of Good - Huge Gallery of great series! Love the Lodoss Cels!
Kamidake Cel Gallery - Powerful X and Magic Knight Cels~
Gallery Gonzai - Hikaru no Go Galore! The Repros are gorgeous!
Anime Jewell - Amazing collection of various series I love! (The best Dark Schneider Cels *Drool*)
Jerrin's Cel Gallery - Awesome collection of Violinist of Hameln, Tokyo Babylon, and Full Metal Panic!
Acetate Addiction - Amazing Clamp collection! Love to see the Lunas worst day Cels.
BlueBlade Anime Art - Amazing collection of Bastard!, Demon City Shinjuku and Robot Carnival Cels! So Jelly~
Mokmans Macross - All the Macross!
Al and Nics Carnival - Love their Venus Wars and Robot Carnival Cels!


Curator: Dandycorsets
Gallery Created: 11/28/2019
Hits: 3491

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