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Cel Curiosity
last modified: Thursday, November 28, 2019 (7:20:56 PM CST)
Recently I have been rewatching some of my favorite older anime series from the 80's and 90's (70's even) and I have fallen in love all over again with the retro style of anime from then. It's so gorgeous. Really miss the aesthetic. It made me think of those cels I used to see on auctions sites. Thus, the start of a new hobby...

I have always been curious about Cels and kinda regret not getting into cels long time ago when they were more available. Nowadays, I think its really hard to find them from certain series I like for a decent price that I don't go broke.

I recently made my first purchase today for a fair price. My first series to my collection is Gal Force. I really couldn't stop looking at this item in my Ebay wishlist, so I caved. Can't wait to receive it!

I fell in love with the Gal Force movie when it was shown on TV along time ago. Does anyone remember it? It had a cute story with lovely art.
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