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I doubt I will ever run into these, but it is cool, at least I can share a few of my favorite scenes here. .;)

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Series/Description    Sample    Priority
Ai no Kusabi
Cels of Rikki Low
Defeat Will Give Kidney
Liar! Will Give Kidney
Nightmare Will Give Kidney
Baby Arion Very High
Say Ahhh~ Very High
Stranger Very High
Best Buds High
Moping High
Rush High
Limbo Medium
Memories Medium
Protector Medium
Battle Arena Toshinden
Power Up Low
Captian Harlock
Harlock Low
Kamui (X/Music Video or Winged) Subaru (Tokyo Babylon/X/Music Video) Seishirou (Tokyo Babylon/X/Music Video) Ashura (RG Veda OVA/Music video) Clover Miyuki (Miyuki-chan and winged girl) Medium
Crusher Joe
Awkward Moment High
Joe High
Joe & Alfin Medium
Demon City Shinjuku
Main Characters Low
Devil Hunter Yohko
Yohko (OVA 1-5) Medium
Van (Movie) Will Give Kidney
Gundam Z
Char or Amuro Low
Heroic Legend of Arslan
Arslan or Daryoon High
Hunter x Hunter
Chrollo/Hisoka/Gon/Killua/ High
Dougas *_* Will Give Kidney
Lodoss War
Bored Will Give Kidney
Parn or Berserker Orson Will Give Kidney
Precious Baby High
Best Friend Low
Hikaru or Minmay Low
Robot Carnival
!; High
Deprive MC High
Escape High
Escape 2 High
MC & Lover High
Struggle High
Sailor Moon
Cels of Safir, Diamond, Fiore, Jadeit, Allen, Peruru, Star Fighter and Helios. <3 Medium
Venus Wars
!! Will Give Kidney
Andrew!! Will Give Kidney
The Fall Will Give Kidney
Crash & Burn High
Hiro High
Hold my Beer High
No Pantsu High
Surprise Guest High
Hiro Medium
Magi & Hiro Medium
Kurts & Hiro Low
Yu Yu Hakusho
Yuusuke with bangs!! *Q* Will Give Kidney

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